How to file income tax return online in Pakistan

Tac Consultancy is an online Tax advisor where the income tax return is filed. You haven’t yet submitted your yearly income tax return to Pakistan. As soon as you can, since the deadline is quickly approaching. The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) official sources state that the deadline to file your income for the tax year 2022 is September 30, 2022.

We provide our clients with tax, accounting, and other business services. So we can provide you with a better tutorial on how to file an income tax return.

 It is crucial to note that everyone in Pakistan who earns PKR 600,000 or more annually must file their tax returns. We have provided comprehensive services on how to file taxes in Pakistan that will walk you through every step of the procedure.

Additionally, filing income taxes in Pakistan has various advantages, including tax breaks, duty exemptions, and more

 To File your File of Income Tax Return with Tac Consultancy


Income tax return Pakistan online filing has gotten a lot simpler. By going to the Federal Board of Revenue website, everyone can now quickly file their tax return online. Following are the steps for filing tax returns in Pakistan.


file your income tax return in Pakistan


Our services

Our dedication to free consultancy for our clients ensures the best and most affordable income file return tax services. We file your income tax return online on time and you can get peace of mind. We can provide you with simple and easy processes, maximum tax savings, easy filing, and more accurate, safe, and complete services.

You can file your tax return online accurately and for the least amount of money at Tac Consultancy. You can cut costs in this manner. According to worldwide auditing standards, tax consultants offer a broad range of expert audit and assurance services at the most affordable prices. Tac consultancy delivers effective employee compensation structure design, annual return submission, and proper preparation of income tax returns.

Sales Tax worldwide

Let us assist you in handling legal compliance and sales tax. You can provide accurate and flawless GST services with the aid of current rules.

Tax appeals

If there is a disagreement between the tax department and the taxpayer, the income tax ordinance provides for an appeals process. We offer assistance with tax appeals and lawsuits.

Why we are the best at Filing income tax return services

We are here with the best team of income online tax return in Pakistan planners and corporate tax advisers who provide the best recommendations that are both economically driven and socially responsible. We are committed to identifying the best tax strategy for your company and preserving your standing in the tax industry. Here is a straightforward procedure to follow while handling tax issues.


  •  File a tax return online
  • Get Free Counsel
  • Activate Your Tax Filing Account Today

Your tax matters will be handled by a seasoned tax team. Save time by being a regular taxpayer.


A hassle-free, current tax process with full assistance from certified tax consultants

For start-up business owners, SME proprietors, and international corporations in Lahore, we are adept at providing company registration services.


Our tax and business experts have years of experience establishing new businesses in Lahore and will handle all the intricate legal paperwork necessary to complete the task. And it all starts with a free consultation of income file returns during which we will go through the most recent information on how to launch a business in Lahore.

Select us and get easy tax care

The type of business entity you select for your company can have a huge impact on how you manage compliance and income tax return issues with government agencies.

We at Tax Care assist you in choosing the best choices for your business entity. We always put the legal obligations that apply to your business first and provide you best income tax services.

Our experts always work to ensure that your online tax returns are simple to complete and sent on time, which lowers the possibility of a tax department audit.

In order to learn about tax modifications and savings, our tax professionals review those documents.

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